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Free Game Assets - Kenney 3D Model

Free Game Assets - Kenney is a 2D game assets provider that is very popular now. Kenney provides a variety of assets that can be used for various game genres such as platformers, top down shooters, isometric, puzzles, cards to RPGs. Most of the asset games shared by Kenney are free assets that you can use to make free games even commercial projects.

One of the assets that I will share here is 3D character assets. This asset is probably the only 3D Asset released by Kenney which is a 2D asset provider specialist from the start. So this asset is a rare item.

This asset consists of several files, namely FBX for its own 3D model, and JPEG for the text. For you Unity users, you can relax a little because Kenney has also provided a special package so that these assets can be easily imported into Unity.

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