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Free Game Assets - Kenney Platformer

Free Game Assets - Kenney is a 2D game assets provider that is very popular now. Kenney provides a variety of assets that can be used for various game genres such as platformers, top down shooters, isometric, puzzles, cards to RPGs. Most of the asset games shared by Kenney are free assets that you can use to make free games even commercial projects.

One of the assets that I will share here is character assets. This asset is one of the assets I use most often to explain the logic of models and animations in making a game, especially in the application of character animations and their interactions with players.

This asset is a file consisting of 9x3 character animation images per model. Some game engine models like Unity & amp; Contruct has been equipped with a special function to cut each of these models so that they can be used in making games. Making a spritesheet is considered better because it can reduce memory usage in games.

Kenney Male

Kenney Female

Kenney Adventurer

Kenney Knight

Kenney Zombie

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