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Free Game UI - Jungle Pack

Free Game UI - Craftpix is a 2D game assets provider that is more focused on providing a variety of 2D game assets or sprites in vector style. Most of the game assets provided by Craftpix are paid assets in the range of 4 $ -10 $. Even so, Craftpix is kind enough to provide several freebies or free assets.

Craftpix are introducing the Free Jungle Cartoon 2D Game UI. This user interface is designed for colorful casual game. Here you will find various windows, buttons, dialog boxes and other useful elements. All this is a theme of the jungle. All graphics were created in the popular Adobe Illustrator program and are 100% vector. You can easily remove unnecessary items, increase the size of any object without losing quality and much more. It’s very convenient. In total, the archive contains: AI, EPS and PNG. We wish you success!

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