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Free Respiratory Model 3D

Free Respiratory Model 3D - The use of three-dimensional (3D) anatomical models is ubiquitous in medical education. Medical educators rely on models to depict anatomical structures in a more efficient format than the cadaver; to move away from the clutter, discomfort, and complexity of a cadaveric dissection; and to clarify characteristics or functions of an anatomical structure that are not readily apparent in situ.

Here, we review the use of physical anatomical models in teaching anatomical sciences in medical education. In addition, we examine the production of digital 3D models for interactive media and the production of physical models of anatomical structures using additive manufacturing (3D printing) methods. Finally, we examine methods of implementation of these visual and tactile resources in medical curricula. This review is intended as a primer for educators contemplating on the use of these learning objects in medical education.

Free Respiratory Model 3D:

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