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Free Sprite - 2D Game Assets (Underwater Object)

Free Sprite - Craftpix is a 2D game assets provider that is more focused on providing a variety of 2D game assets or sprites in vector style. Most of the game assets provided by Craftpix are paid assets in the range of 4 $ -10 $. Even so, Craftpix is kind enough to provide several freebies or free assets.

Craftpix publish a set of Free Underwater World 2D Game Objects. It contains useful elements for a dynamic game. These are various objects for collection: coin, magnet, life, pearl, protection, crown and chest. Obstacles: rocks, mast, barrel, fishing net, plants, mine and anchor. All graphics are vector. This is convenient, especially when you need to resize the image. In the archive you will find the following formats: AI, EPS, PNG. Thank you for choosing We wish you success!

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